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14 Hour Technicolour Dream: Virtual Band | Reasons & Rituals

14 Hour Technicolour Dream V-Band
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Artist: 14 Hour Technicolour Dream: Virtual Band
Title: Reasons & Rituals
Format: MP3 Music Download
Label: Umbrello Records
Category: Progressive Rock/Mod Prog


The '14 Hour Technicolour Dream: V-band' was conceived by Steve Nardelli and myself as an ongoing musical 'happening' that will encourage participation by musicians worldwide regardless of nationality, colour or religion. The greater the diversity of participants, instruments, and musical approaches the better!

The common bond between participants in V-band projects will be the SYNergy of creating music together as a creative community no matter what the physical distances between musicians. Through the utilization of both virtual co-creation and recording tools and hi-tech, physical recording facilities, musicians will come together to create something beautiful.

Our V-Band logo stands for the union of 'Virtual' and, of course, 'Peace' - a commodity we can find in music above all else.

The first track from the V-band is "Reasons and Rituals" which was written by our patron, Steve Nardelli of The Syn, who also performs on it as co-lead vocalist.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to "Reasons & Rituals" - a song of peace and hope.

There is, and will be, no charge for V-band music and it is offered for download at your convenience. If you'd like to make a donation to the ongoing V-band project, your support will be acknowledged and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
V for Peace!

Steve Sikes-Nova
Executive Producer
'14 Hour Technicolour Dream: The Virtual Band'
Tidewater, Virginia, USA

14 Hour Technicolour Dream - Syn Forum:

The Track
Reasons & Rituals

The Band:
Steve Nardelli (London, New York) - song writer; lead vocals; vision
Steve Sikes-Nova (Virginia) - lead vocals; Executive Producer
Kevin Still (Pennsylvania) - bass, guitar, keyboards;pre-production
Cary Clouser (Canada) - flute, harmony vocals
Steve Nicholas (Connecticut) - keyboards
Kelly Child (California) - drums
Special Guest Musician, Engineer & Producer: Brett Kull (Echolyn & The Syn touring band)

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