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K2 : Book Of The Dead

Label: Umbrello Records
Cat No: UMBCD1000
Released in the US on 10th December 2008
Format: CD / MP3
Genre: Rock / Progressive Rock / Alternative

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Book of the Dead is a conceptual work with 5 songs presented as chapters. With ideas and stories taken directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ken Jaquess has weaved an intricate, ornate tale of Pharonic rule, death and their ultimate journey to the afterlife. Ken has long had a love and fascination with ancient Egypt, and Book of the Dead showcases brilliant musicianship from guitar god Allan Holdsworth, Doug Sanborn on the drum kit, keyboards from Ryo Okumoto, of Spocks Beard fame, violin from classical virtuoso Yvette Devereaux, and the late, great Shaun Guerin on vocals who passed away shortly after finishing his vocals.

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CD Title Tracks for the Audio of Book of the Dead:
Chapter 1: Infinite voyage
Chapter 2: Mirror to the Spirits
Chapter 3: The Edge of Light
Chapter 4: Aten (Window of Appearances)
Chapter 5: Cloak of Antiquity

The Band:
Ken Jaquess Bass, Keyboards & 10 string acoustic
Yvette Devereaux Violin
Shaun Guerin Vocals
Allan Holdsworth Guitar
Ryo Okumoto Piano/Moog
Doug Sanborn Drums
John Miner Additional guitar

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