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mod prog series The Mod Prog series is a collection of great musicianship and arrangements captured on film. The ongoing series concentrates on content that overviews the new progressive music scene of the 21st Century. Umbrello Records artist, The Syn, helped fuel the Progressive Modernist Movement with their unique musical style and is the basis for the Mod Prog series.

In describing the vibe of the Mod Prog series, Steve Nardelli of The Syn says, "it's a connection from the 60s to the present. A collection of arrangements that echo from the past, but are innovative, modern and cross musical genre."

The Syn: Making of Big Sky

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With the making of the new Syn album, "Big Sky", the follow up to their much heralded masterpiece Syndestructible, music fans world-wide are invited to tag along for an intimate and inside experience of the recording process.

Steve Nardelli is the legendry lead singer, songwriter and overall "main man" of The Syn. Before there was Yes, there was The Syn. The Syn has included Yes members Chris Squire, Pete Banks and Alan White in its ranks, and currently boasts a lineup that is every bit as impressive. Nardelli is joined by Francis Dunnery on guitar and vocals and Tom Brislin on keys and vocals. Dunnery is probably best known for his work in the band It Bites and for his great solo work. He also played in Robert Plant's band. Tom Brislin was the very talented keyboardist for Yes on their symphonic tour and not only has worked with Meatloaf and Debbie Harry, but also has his own band called Spiraling.

Join The Syn in this first of three episodes in the recording of what music radio personality Joe Whalen describes as a "masterpiece in waiting."

Concert Performances

A collection of concert highlights from the some of the greatest Prog Modernists.
Le Orme
Matthew Parmenter
Frogg Cafe
Knight Area IQ
The Muffins

14 Hour Technicolour Dream Virtual Band

14 Hour Technicolour Dream V-Band
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In a unique interaction between a band and its fan forum, while The Syn have been making their new album Big Sky, musicians from their forum have been creating a track of a song written for them by Steve Nardelli, lead singer and founding member of the legendry pre-Yes band.

The first track from the V-band is "Reasons and Rituals" and the making of this revolutionary ongoing project was filmed and is now offered in this unique video.

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