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The Syn : Syndestructible Tour 2006

Label: Umbrello Records
Cat No: UMB006
Released in the US on 11th April 2006

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For two brief but glorious years The Syn resided at the crossroads of 60s psychedelia and pop. They shared bills at London's Marquee club with the likes of Pink Floyd and Hendrix, released some legendary underground singles ("Flowerman", "14 Hour Technicolour Dream") and created the blueprint for rock innovators Yes. 

Four decades later, original founding members Chris Squire (who went on to found Yes) and Steve Nardelli reunited for a new CD and their first-ever live dates in America. 

This DVD captures the stellar new line-up (featuring Yes drummer Alan White) on a magical night in Boston, performing material new and old. 

DVD extras include extensive band interviews and backstage footage. An important new chapter in the history of one of rock's great, nearly-lost treasures.

The tracks:
01 Breaking Down Walls "intro"
02 Some Time, Some Way
03 Reach Outro
04 Cathedral of Love
05 Silent Revolution
06 Grounded Encore
07 Flowerman
08 14th Hour Technicolor Dream
09 Jimi Hendrix Story by Chris Squire
10 21st Century
11 City of Dreams
12 The Promise
13 Golden Age

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